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First of all, what exactly is YouTube?

This is a free website for video sharing which enables watching videos online. Not just that, but what can also be done is the creating of and uploading one’s own videos for sharing them with other people. As a matter of fact, YouTube was initially made in 2005, and now it is one of the most well-liked Web sites, with a reported 6 billion hours of videos being watched on a monthly basis. In fact, if anyone has ever seen an online video, it is very likely that it was a YouTube one. For instance, nearly all the video tutorials on a variety of sites are nothing but YouTube videos.

But why should we use YouTube?

This site is so very popular because of the number and variety of videos which can be found on it. In average, there are about one hundred hours of videos which are uploaded to the site every single minute! And the variety of videos to be found on YouTube is incredible — dogs and cats frolicking, quirky fashion tips, cooking demos, educations science instruction, and many others.

So exactly what is the best approach to becoming popular on this site?

There are several approaches, and this is some of them:

~ Take note of current trends

Even though originality is very important, it is also relevant to pay attention to the social media issues which are now trending. What you need to do is check out what people are currently curious about and then retell the story from your own angle. What is a good way to discover what kinds of news people are looking for or chatting about online? It is by paying attention to the trendy hashtags on the social media called Twitter. Also, it can be shared on a variety of social media platforms along with suitable hashtags so that many other users can find it without any trouble. However, you need to ensure, when uploading the YouTube videos, that included is the trending theme in the title as well as the description (also, the keywords, in order to boost the chances that others will find it).

~ It is important to create content which is original.

What is better and more unique that being totally original? Furthermore, it’s not as difficult as it seems, and here are some guidelines to being unique and original: share your opinion with others! If you have dancing, singing or joke-telling skills, show them to others! Can you speak other languages – if so, use them! Do you just happen to be really good at for example doing magic tricks, or juggling, or training dogs – prove it by posting your skills! Do you really enjoy reading all about celebrities – if so, spread the news! Many new YouTuber users mistakenly think that it is best to make videos which are based on a hunch about what will become popular quickly. However, if you put an effort into it and create something new which no one has seen to date, there is a greater likelihood that it will go viral (rather than something seen many times before)!

~ Build up your viewer audience.

No matter how big an audience you have at the moment, you still need to keep building it – that is, if you truly wish to make a very popular YouTube channel. Some of the ways to do this are listed here:

  1. Go to Google and type in forums on YouTube in order to connect to new YouTubers who have some interests which are similar with yours.
  2. Make even more friends than you have now on the social media by means of linking up with some other users. Your target should be those who upload their own YouTube videos, or alternatively, those who watch lots of videos on YouTube.
  3. Invite your friends and family members to watch your videos, after which they can share them. Also, you could ask them to forward and/or email the link to others (or even post your video link on their social media profiles).
  4. Make comments frequently on other people’s YouTube videos. The comments, needless to say, should be positive and interesting. But what you should never do is to leave a spam comment which could encourage others to look into your videos, as that’s just plain irritating.

~ Don’t forget – it takes a lot of effort to make YouTube videos.

To make even a very short video on YouTube takes time and work. You should not forget what kind of effort it takes to making videos, even those which are about 3 minutes long:

  1. A video needs to be scripted and planned (and a topic needs to be opted for).
  2. The video in question needed to be fully recorded, a process which includes the time for setting up, lighting, possible changes of costume, and something called bloopers and line flubs.
  3. The video was bound to be edited, a process which can take quite a long time.
  4. The video was shared as well as being promoted on a variety of social media, as well as on blogs, mailing lists, in forums, etc.

It is a good idea, when starting a brand new YouTube channel, to upload two new videos weekly, at the very least. Or even more, granted you have the time. Also, it is important to point out that your videos need to be essentially consistent. In fact, many successful YouTubers adhere to a certain video style on their YouTube channels.

~ Be true to who you really are.

Even though it is natural to wish to copy or follow some famous or very popular YouTubers, it may not be such a good idea to pretend to be someone else, as this gets boring very fast, as well as repetitive.

~ It is quite important to hold the interest of your audience as best as possible.

The first encouraging YouTube comment to your video is quite exciting. However, this is not enough, as your aim should be to keep your audience as engaged and interested as possible in viewing more videos. Also, it is good to respond to all positive and encouraging comments as this makes users feel connected with your YouTube channel as well as more enthusiastic to view any other videos you may be making.

~ And what about YouTube Collaborations?

When you start to build up your very own audience, find another keen YouTuber who has subscribers and fans which are similar as yours (it is first important that this YouTuber is interesting to you). How you connect (by Skype, email, or another type of social media is really not very relevant), and it is a good idea to ask him/her whether they are interested in creating a video of collaboration together with you. The point is to make an appearance on their channel, as well as for them to be seen on your channel in a video. These are some basic guidelines for a collaboration video:

  1. You can make a video in concert. It would be easier if you were living in the same area, but it you are not, you can make a script of the video in advance, then record the parts which you are contributing, and following that, send one another the files which you have created.
  2. This kind of video, called a collaboration video, is an excellent way of making new friendships as well as adding other creative minds to your YouTube channel. Also, it is a superb method for introducing yourself and your video art to brand new viewers.

Good luck and keep up the artistic and unique spirit, YouTubers!