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  •    Now day most popular video site and app is Youtube, so promote your self or your idea use Youtube (Eg. Movie trailer, Business advertise like Go daddy, Hotel booking like  trivago).
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Why should I buy YouTube views?

Youtube has changed the way advertisements and product awareness is reached to the intended people. This is as a result of the huge traffic of people who visit YouTube seeking for helpful information. It has become a major source of information and over one billion people visit youtube everyday.

The world we live in today is highly technological. Modern technology has given a whole new dimension to business development. People get tremendous exposure to every aspect of life through social network sites. Business houses leverage such social network sites to their advantage by advertising about their offering to the general public. One of the many ways customers are tapped by business houses is marketing their products and ideas through videos. Amidst many websites that allow video upload, YouTube continues to top the list when it comes to making the videos go viral. Informed customers prefer to buy YouTube views over the others for the top 10 Reasons given below that substantiate why you should buy YouTube views.

YouTube is owned by Google which tops the list of search engines for many decades now. Google has set very high-quality standards to provide the best possible customer experience when it comes to watching videos. While the other players in the arena count video viewing for just 3 seconds as a view, YouTube considers 30 seconds video watching time as one view. This unforced challenge taken up by YouTube makes it stand tall amidst the other players in the game. Buying YouTube views thus increases your genuine levels too.

‘Trending videos’ is the buzz word of the day. People look at videos that have already been viewed by others. Inflated view counts attract more traffic to the video. YouTube being an established brand, buying YouTube views makes it more of a tool that provides social recognition than just a mere advertising or promotional tool.